Centuries of Research

on the uses and effectiveness of essential oils helps us to understand what they are and how they work..


is calming and soothing. It may be used aromatically, topically, or in some cases, internally.

Most Essential Oils

are safe for the whole family to use. Be sure to dilute oils when used topically, especially for small children and infants.

Essential Oils

are aromatic plant compounds, extracted from the leaves, bark and flowers of specific plants.

Our Lavender

is sourced from France, where it grows indigenously in optimal climate conditions.

Try Something New

With the free Frankincense offer this month good through the 15th, be sure to get your LRP order processed by that day to get both Frankincense and Wild Orange (great together as an afternoon pick-me-up!). Min purchase applies.

Need some product ideas to make your $200PV order this month?  Here are ten products that I like to order, that you may not have tried yet:

1. On Guard Foaming Hand Soap - works great for spot-cleaning stains on bedding and carpet, plus I use it in the bathroom (I add a tsp of coconut oil to the soap to make it more moisturizing for frequent use).

2. Breathe Vapor Stick - great price point to share this blend with friends, plus it's quite portable for purse or backpack

3. Breathe Drops - delicious, minty drops made with organic cane sugar (I like the On Guard Throat drops too, but these are my favorite).

4. Peppermint Beadlets

5. DigestTabs - I like these so much better than Rolaids or Tums, and I find they work better for me to reduce acid than using just the oil blend.

6. Passion rollerball - this is my go to fragrance, and the rollerball is my favorite way to apply it (next to the passion lotion from the holiday catalog, if it's still available).

7. Black Pepper - I've taken to using this in cooking quite often - it breaks up nicely in sauces to add flavor (try this and the cumin oil next time you are making chili or soup!).

8. Rosemary - also wonderful in cooking (try a drop of rosemary oil and 2-3 drops of lemon next time you are sauteeing chicken!)

9. Basil - for pasta and also useful for muscle aches, earaches and more. DIY pesto sauce with ground walnuts, olive oil, dried basil, crushed garlic and 1-2 drops of basil oil.

10. Digestzen Touch Rollerball - I had a friend of mine suggest using a rollerball bottle with Digestzen and Wild Orange (great for colicky babies too), and as a result started using my Digestzen touch topically whenever I have minor stomach issues. Seems to work (may have to pop that bad boy open sometime and add some wild orange too - thanks Barb!)

Got a favorite oil or product that you order regularly? Email oilspro@gmail.com with your comments or suggestions.

Ready to get started with doTERRA?  Visit oilspro.com and click on Join & Save to set up your wholesale account.

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